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Important Markets

Shopping in Delhi is a delight so if you are interested in shopping and you wish to grab a fragment of Indian culture then Delhi is where you would like to explore the possibility of doing so.

Delhi is a paradise for shoppers. Here you can buy almost anything from anywhere in India. Delhi has thousands of good shops tidily grouped together subject wise - antiques, handicrafts, European fashions, leather articles, rugs and carpets, linen & fabrics, silks, jewelry, furniture etc.

One can buy leather items, Carved Stone pieces, Precious Stones, Silk Products, Wood Work, Jewelry from Delhi. Best thing of Delhi is that one gets every thing here, which can be sold and purchased under the sun. Delhi has some of the best shopping malls in India where one easily spend the whole day roaming and shopping. These shopping plazas are also places to relax your self in the evening, as some of the best eating joints are located in the shopping malls.

who can buy objects ranging from the simplest of Indian handicrafts to international designer labels, and often within the same shopping area. Delhi is unique in that it has representative outlets for the handicrafts of each Indian state. This in it self presents a staggering array of goods, and at very affordable prices. In the last decade there has been a dramatic change in Delhi's markets.



Dilli Haat

Dilli Haat near INA market, developed by Delhi Tourism has on display almost everything that would be very typical to a particular region in India. It has been designed to be an upscale version of a haat (generally a weekly traditional market). 

Dilli Haat

Unlike the traditional haat where the market itself is mobile and transient, in this case it is the craftspersons who are ever changing - thus offering a kaleidoscopic view of the richness and diversity of Indian culture and handicrafts. 

The Delhi Haat in Kidwai Nagar is a nice place to spend the day. The Haat or the market has good eating joints and handicraft shops. Delhi Haat provides you delicacies from all parts of India in its various stalls. From time to time theme fairs and festivals are also organised. 

This market is spread over a six acre spread with imaginative traditional rural architecture and provides an ambience for the market. The stone and brickwork paved paths interspersed with grass patches make browsing and ambling fun. The not too large but diverse food court bring the cuisines of different states together.



Karol Bagh

This is yet another famous shopping complex in Delhi of similar nature. A riot of extravagant wedding ensembles, enough gold and diamond jewellery to sate the appetite of the entire city, pavement shops selling every items from towels shoes to mobile phones and some of the best halwais. 

Karol Bagh

Karol Bagh, in other words, is the most complete experience to be had in Delhi.

Karol Bagh has emerged as one of the good market place sin Delhi. The Gaffar market in Karol Bagh is one the famous grey markets in India. 

The Ajmal Khan Road: The 2KM road is the heart of the market- the place you need to be for apparel, wedding ensembles, men’s wear and jewellery. It also has several departmental stores and an array of restaurants. There is also a thriving pavement market, selling everything from undergarments to bed linen shoes and luggages. The market begins where you exit the Metro Station.

Gaffar Market: Arya Samaj road houses the famous and perennially crowded gaffar Market- the electronics haven. From mobile phones to washing machines, hand-held video cameras to television sets, there are great bargains to be had on all manner of electronic items. The shops are clustered together and the streets running through the market are crowded with streetfood stalls. The easiest way to find your way around is to ask. 

Market in Karol Bagh has some of the best show rooms in Delhi. The readymade garment market at tank road is quite popular for the cheap Denim clothes. If you want to buy non-branded apparels and jewelry then Karol Bagh is a place to be. The market boasts of some of the biggest jewelry marts in this country

You can find a variety of Indian clothes, shoes and accessories out here as well as precious jewelry and bridal wear. What's more, this place sells automobiles and related accessories too.

Location: Karol Bagh is 22KM from CP and connected to the latter by Punchkunian and Link roads. 

Closed: Monday.



Khan Market

Khan Market Set up in the 1950’s to rehabilitate people displaced from Pakistan post partition. Khan Market had an almost idyllic charm in its early days. 

Khan Market

It was a haven for book lovers. Khan Market has today morphed into a bustling upmarket- shopping center, which has been taken over by big-name players. 

You’ll find branded clothes, designer footwears, watches hip café’s, furnishings, music, hardware, stationery, electronics, cosmetics, toys, imported fruits and vegetables- just about anything you can ask for.

Location: On Subramaniam Bharti Marg at Sujan Singh Park: Khan Market is linked to the India Gate Circle via Shahjahan Road and Prithviraj Lane. 

Closed: Sundays.



Sarojini Nagar Market

Where in Delhi do people with high taste and low disposable income shop? Where, but Sarojini Nagar Market, can you get GAP shirt for Rs 100, a Benetton pullover for Rs 150, a Mothercare outfit (with an intact price tag of 18 pounds) for Rs 200? Without any doubt the biggest draw of this very- middle- class souk is its mounds of export surplus, export- reject apparel stock in which a patient browser will find great value for money. 

Sarojini Nagar Market

There are hundreds of shops in this bargain-hunter’s haven and ‘x’ times that number of pavement vendors selling an assortment of semi formal to casual wear, accessories and furnishings. There is also affair sprinkling of white goods and electronic items.

Sarojini Nagar Market is a lively market where middle-class locals shop. It's a good place just to stroll around and take in the chaos, as it has pedestrian-only zones -- a rarity in India. Shopkeepers boisterously hawk their wares while workers unload goods from auto- and cycle-rickshaws, shoppers scurry about, and diners pause over plates of greasy street food. The back streets of Sarojini are famous for selling rejected export apparel at bargain prices. 

For casuals, Janpath with its rows of shops, Sarojini Nagar and Lajpat Nagar are the places you would like to visit. These places offer variety of novelties, gifts and handicraft items at bargain prices. Sarojini Nagar also has this rather big market of export surplus clothes. Here you will find clothes made for GAP, Van Hausen, Joe Boxer, and Levis being sold for a song. All these clothes have been made in India for these designer brands and are sold just because they are surplus.

Sarojini Nagar Market is a must for fashion buffs. Before the latest culture design hits the boutiques, its cheaper version appears here en masse. It also offers heaps of surplus garments remaining from those exported abroad. There are no changing rooms because it is pretty much a long road with make shift shops on both sides. The prices are so unbelievably low that there are no regrets. You can put together an entire wardrobe for less than Rs.1000. If you don't like the offered price, haggle, haggle and haggle some more. You'll get the best deals if you aren't afraid to walk away and go to the next shop.

Location: Centre of Sarojini Nagar Colony on First Cross Road. 

Closed: Mondays



Connaunnaut Palace

The classy commercial centre of Connaught Place was planned as part of New Delhi. Along with stalls on classy commercial centre of Connaught Janpath, and emporia on Baba Kharak Singh Marg, it is a shopper's paradise. 

Connaunnaut Palace

Rather characteristically, an 18th century masonry observatory, the Jantar Mantar, lies in the midst of this commercial area.

Grab a copy of latest Hollywood movies before you venture for the Connaught Place. Connaught Place is still considered the Harrods of Delhi. All the major brands in the world that have a presence in India have an outlet here. The best time to visit this place is evening. The market remains closed on Sunday. Delhi also has a very popular underground shopping center called Palika Bazar.



Palika Bazaar

Palika Bazaar is the air-conditioned underground market at Connaught Place. The market makes a good refuge from the soaring heat on the ground. It is made up of hundreds of shops selling every kind of item; from clothes, accessories, shoes, photography equipment, black market mobiles, food etc. 

Palika Bazaar

The grassy area above the market is popular for lazing around, chatting, eating snacks, and drinking tea.

This shopping center like most shopping complexes in Delhi has variety of goods on display and at a reasonable cost. If you want to buy DVD then the underground Palika market is the best place. However, while shopping here you need to be good at bargaining, as generally the prices quoted are high. 

Central Delhi Opening Hours 10a-6p

A recent phenomenon in Delhi has been the steady rise of foreign collaborations in consumer goods areas. With extremely steep prices abroad, foreigners visiting India can pick up items of international brands like Benetton, Ray-Ban, Adidas, and Pierre Cardin at a comparatively lower price.



Old Delhi Markets

Old Delhi Markets start with the traditional bazaars in walled city, popularly known as old Delhi. The foremost is the Sadar Bazaar. Sadar bazaar is famous for ironwares and commodities. It is a very reasonable market to buy utensils and other crockery. 

Old Delhi Markets

The bazaar is situated near Fatehpuri Masjid and is always bustling with people. Nearby is Ballimaran, a heaven for embroidered shoes and spectacles.

Pick any of the traditional Rajasthani or Muslim shoe and keep it as a gift for your beloved. Just a kilometer away is Dariba Kalan that is famous for antiques and stalls are filled with silver and gold jewelry and silverwares. There are many shops selling these items but be careful of counterfeit items.



Chandini Chowk

It was famous for the Fountains and the shops during the Mughal period. Located opposite to the Red fort, the fountains of the Chowk have disappeared but the shops still remain.

Chandini Chowk

The attraction of the shops in the region are not the big showrooms but the small shops in the by lanes. Some of these shops offer you better bargain than the big showrooms.

The Sadar Bazzar and the Khari Baoli are the largest wholesale markets in the northern region of India. Dariba Kalan is still known for the perfumes and Jewellery. Chandni Chowk area is famous for non-branded clothes. Pick any piece of Tunic or Cotton; these are among the best in world. 

One cannot miss the Lajpat Rai market where one gets any kind of electronic item. While going around Chandni Chowk pay special attention on your pockets and beware of touts and the duplicate products Old Delhi Markets offer a variety of goods. 

Chandni Chowk and the bazaar inside Lal Qila are good areas to hunt for bargains. On the streets behind the Jama Masjid, many shops sell metalware curios and old utensils, and one street specializes in paper and stationery, some of it handmade and hand-printed.

Except for the Lal Qila bazaar, most businesses in Old Delhi shut down on Sunday.



Meena Bazaar in Delhi

Meena Bazaar Located between Jama Masjid and Dariba Kalan is the ancient market Meena Bazaar in Delhi. Just below the massive stairs of the Jama Masjid is the beautiful market place. From Jama Masjid to Khari Baoli, from Chitli Qabar to Balli Maran, Delhi evokes a medieval charm and elegance. The Bazaar was built in the1970’s. The area comprises of a host of shops on both sides selling paans, burqas (veils worn by Muslim women), caps and pictures of famous Islamic religious places.

Other exotic items like embroidered caps for Muslim men, local cosmetics, pictures and posters of sacred places are available at the Meena bazaar is famous for carpets and handicraft items made of bronze Bazaar. You can satiate your appetite with toothsome Indian non-vegetarians cuisines at the small food stalls and dotting the area. 

A plethora of shops making and selling pillows, mattresses, and quilts around the Meena Bazaar are a paradise for shoppers. Nearby is a cycle market selling an exotic wide range of bicycles and their parts. Shoppers must visit Meena Bazaar in Delhi to enjoy a wholesome shopping experience.

Esplanade Road Cycle Market: This is one of Asia’s largest cycle markets, with a range that includes everything from children’s bikes to top-of-the-line multi- gear cycles.

Location: The cycle market is located at the beginning of Chandni Chowk, near the Digambar Jain Temple.

Dariba Kalan: India’s largest silver market located in Chandni Chowk.

From Chandni Chowk move to the Paharganj area where the main market has a wide range of perfumes, oils, soaps and incense. Though this market is closed on Monday, it is surprising that some shops are open seven days a week.



Hauz Khas Village

In Hauz Khas Village boutiques and shops set in converted old homes up and down narrow alleys sell handicrafts, curios, old carpets and kilims, and designer clothing (both Indian and Western). Most stores are open Monday through Saturday from 10:30 to 7. 

The Small and Cottage Industry Handicraft Emporium.

On Tolstoy Road is an excellent place to look in good quality handicraft and cottage industry. The State emporiums are all located on Baba Kharak Singh Marg which is at stone throw distance from Connaught Place. 

One can also get tourist information about the respective states in this emporium.

For Musical Instruments, Delhi has a good range of specialised shops. Delhi is unique in that it has representative
1070, Paiwalan, Opposite Jama Masjid, Old Delhi



Lajpath Nagar Market

You will spend all your money yet there will be more that you would like to shop at Lajpat Nagar. Basically a market area, you will find all uptown accessories and clothing here. The market is quiet fashionable and one of the oldest in India. 

If you need to buy salwar- kameez, material for your extended family, lace and trimming for blouses, inexpensive jooties, readymade cotton curtains, and a fancy photo frame as well as get your favourite handbag repaired- in the same day and the same place—where would you go?, definitely To Lajpath Nagar Central Market. The twin squares of the market are packed with shops. You can spot one of the swankiest fashion stores here with all lavish dresses, interiors and accessories. Apart from fashion stores, there are furnishing stores and decor houses to beautify your homes. If you are good at bargain, you will have great shopping at local market here. 

Lajpat Nagar falls amidst the two popular region of South Delhi - Greater Kailash and South Extension. It is one of the most popular commercial areas of South Delhi as it houses number of shops from branded to retails. You will find every kind of shop in this area. 

Lajpat Nagar region is a well-known residential area. It is just a dream for every one to get a house in this area as it may amount to corers of rupees. The region houses schools, restaurants, and also provides health services like hospitals and chemists to the residents as well outsiders. 

A common sight in South Delhi, rather in Greater Kailash and South Extension is the presence of multi storeyed departmental stores. These stores are complete in themselves in as much that they have on display items of all kinds ranging from cosmetics to clothes to shoes to books to household items. If you wish to buy quality products and do not mind spending a little bit more, then these stores are worth visiting.

In the New Delhi area, you have the posh South Extension and Greater Kailash market. The first one is right on the Ring road and boasts of stores of nearly all the major brands. The market has some good fast food joints too. Similarly, the Greater Kailash market is a hub for designer wears. Nearly all the major designers in India have their studios in this market. Check out any one of them. 

Location: South of Delhi



Greater Kailash

Greater Kailash Luxurious home, elegant dresses, brisk crowd and bountiful markets, this what defines Greater Kailash area of South Delhi. Gratifying and lavish show rooms and retail outlets form markets here. 

If you are looking for designer wears then you find one in every market place here. Among the most trendy shops in India, GK boasts of housing a large number of these.

If you are party animal, this place can be an absolute bliss. There are swanky clubs, bars, pubs and restaurants serving most exquisite variety of food. The quality that you can find here is grandiose. You can spend whole night letting your hail down and shaking legs at some of the discotheques here. 

Geographically Greater Kailash (GK) has been divided into two zones, GK-I and GK-II. GK-II is costlier than GK-I in terms of land cost and is home for some of the richest people in India. In all, Greater Kailash is the most affluent area in Delhi.



South Extension

South Extension Situated on Ring Road, South Extension is divided into two parts - South Extension I and South Extension II. This is one of the most posh market place promising international shopping experiences. 

It is a good place for tourists to see locals going about their daily activities. Although the market remains closed on Mondays, they are busiest on Sundays.

Basically, it is divided into two parts - one is Greater Kailash and other is Defence Colony. The market is quite famous for priced designer stuff and branded clothes. For Delhi's cash flush teenagers, the market is a bliss. 

Mehrasons Jewelery Store, Bengali Sweet Market Centre (a restaurant and sweet shop), Teksons Bookshop, Mango (a high-end Spanish female clothing store), Nalli Saris, Sehgal Bros. (clothing) are some of the well renowned brands with their outlets here.

And that's not all. If you feel lost in international brands and wish to feel India, have Bhel Puri or Golgappas from the local stands. But if you are in a rapturous mood and want to tango then this area has some exquisite restro-bars, clubs and discotheques to tingle your limbs and make you dance all night long.

These markets are famous for good quality high priced designer stuff of major Indian and International brands. When in Delhi you just cannot miss this place. Shopping here will add a lot more zing on your tour and you will easily able to feel the difference between other parts of Delhi.

Location: South of Delhi



Preet Vihar

Preet Vihar is another part of Delhi that is quite full of surprises. It is a well-established colony in eastern part of Delhi. This place is quite famous for its shops and educational institutes that it houses. Apart from this, it has residential societies that offer good accommodation. 

Outlets of famous brands are situated here with a variety of fashion collection on display. Innumerable restaurants and food joints dot this region. Crowded with number of small and big shops, this place is considered one of the best commercial hubs in Delhi.

Location: East of Delhi




Nehru Palace

The Hub of Delhi, Nehru Place is the major business center in Delhi. This is one place that host shops selling computers and computer parts. Each and every part of computer is available in almost every range. 

You will be amazed to see street hawkers selling computer hardware as well as softwares in the lawns of Nehru Place.

There are several 'job work 'shops as well located here. You can get all kinds of printing, in almost any size in a very economical prize. Alike any other market in India, bargaining can save a lot of your money. If you really want to cut on cost, then try insisting the vendor and getting a pirated version of almost any software. 

From needle to latest LCD monitor, Nehru Place has it all for you. The building may look old and rusty but the products on sale here are outstanding. And if you are tired of shopping, there are innumerable restaurant to fill your appetite with the local delicacies like 'Rajma Chawal', 'Kadi Chawal', Mutton fried Rice with 'Lassi'.

In geographical terms, Nehru Place is a sprawling shopping arcade with a massive bus terminal, plying buses to almost every part of the city and even outside it. Located in South Delhi, Nehru Place forms the commercial hub with clean and wide roads. The areas encompass cinema halls, markets, and many educational institutions as well.




Janpath is basically a road that connects Connaught Place to Lodhi Garden. The most popular spot on this road is the Janpath market, which is a haven for budget travellers and for those preferring the hippie look. 

There are numerous silver and inexpensive jewellery stores and they are not only popular with the foreign visitors but also the local crowd.


Hundreds of shops have been set on the side of the pavements, selling exotic ensembles and Indian artifacts and carpets. You must haggle on prices; it is a very fruitful tradition at Janpath. There are also many small cafes and restaurants strewn all over the area. Parking can be a problem. It is advisable to take a cab here.

Janpath is the most popular street market in Central Delhi. It is the haunt of models and designers shopping for inspiration, tourists for ethnic chic and college undergrads for all the stuff that is ‘in’, yet affordable. Janpath is ideal bargain territory. From cotton shirt to spaghetti- strap tops to ghaghras to faux jewellery to traditional embroidery work and curios, you’ll find it all here. But you have to be prepared to bargain hard, especially, if you are a fair- skinned non- Indian. Pricing is based on the what-you-can afford-to pay principle. The shops on the east side are a different world- some of Delhi’s most prestigious jewelers have their showrooms here.

The street market stretches about 500mts from the outer circle of CP to the Imperial Hotel. Most shops will have an assortment of kurtas, skirts, scarves and other apparels and accessories. Deepak Gift Corner, Popli Brass House and Kashmere Crafts are some of the shops to name. Indian Oil Bhavan, cutting into the market, has a small shopping complex of its own. Adarsh Stores, Silver World, The Handloom House and The Tibetan Market are some other attractions.


The Central Cottage Industries Emporium

The Central Collage Industries Emporium set up in 1948 in Jawahar Bhavan at Janpath is undoubtedly worth a visit for anything ethnic and chic. It has almost anything that you might desire to buy. 

From furniture to clothes, to shoes that are typically Indian, to small gift items that could work as souvenirs, the Cottage Emporium has it all.

The quality is absolutely the best and the prices are reasonable enough. In the rustic background of the Crafts Museum at Mathura road, one can pick up great bargains on items like shawls, pottery and paintings.

(Vyapar Bhavan: 23321909; 11am-8pm)



Shankar Market

Shankar Market Established 1948” reads the proud sign of an optician. Over the six decades of its existence Shankar Market has acquired a name for its tailors and maintains its reputation to this day, for being one of Delhi’s best market for fabric, salwaar- kameez sets and saris. 

There is row upon row of these shops, selling good cheap clothes for women and riding their popularity, a fair number  selling only accessories- sari falls, petticoats, laces, ribbons and buttons.

Location: Opposite Connaught Place M Block; between Yusufzal Market and Super Bazaar.



Santushti Shopping Complex

This is the market of the city’s swish set. Santrushti hosts a set of upscale boutiques for exclusive designerwear, silver and diamond jewellery, apparel, furnishings and handicrafts. Started in the early 1980s, the arcade is built on the land leased by the Air Force.

The complex, run by the Air Force Wives Welfare Association, is located off the Race Course Road roundabout.

Pebbled paths lead up to about 30-odd stores, beautifully laid out on a rolling garden. A number of the city's top designers have an outlet here. The Anokhi (26883076; 10am to 7pm)- selling Rajasthani fabrics, dresses, crockery, home linen and lengths of saris - will be of interest to foreign tourists. The hugely popular Basil &Thyme (24673322; 10,30am to 6pm) restaurant is also located here. This serves mouth-watering Mediterranean fare, a fovourite hangout of Delhi’s political elite.

Location: Across from Hotel Samrat on Panchsheel Marg.from India Gate it can be reached by taking Akbar Road and Race Course Road respectively. Closed: Sundays.



Ina Market

INA Market From fish to tea cups, engraved plaques to buckets, nurses’ uniform to antichoke hearts, you’ll find an incongruous mix of things in the motely of shops that constitute INA Market.

The market retains its reputation for the array of foodstuffs available here. Whatever the cuisine, whatever your style of cooking, this place will have the ingredients.

Antichokes, galangals (fresh or dried) mushrooms, Brussels’s sprouts, cherry tomatoes, strawberries, dried fruits, spices, jams, cheeses- you name it, they have it. The Kashmiris keep coming back for their lotus stem and ginger powder, South Indians know that they will get their drumsticks and curry leaves here, the Goans will not stop to wonder how all that fresh seafood gets to this land-locked state- as long as they find it at INA Market.

Location: On Aurobindo Marg, between Safdarjung Airport and AIIMS, opp Dilli Haat. 

Closed: Mondays.



Darya Ganj

Darya Ganj is a paradise for book lovers. Especially the Sunday Book Market that stretches for almost two kilometres and winds through a few streets. Every week, on Sunday, the pavements of Darya Ganj are lined with old and new books. You can find books on every topic that you can think of. 

Right from philosophy, engineering to psychology and cookery, you can find books of your choice. Most of the books sold at Darya Ganj are old, though new books are also available.



Bhagirath Palace

To visit Bhagirath Palace is to visit a Permanent exhibition of lights. A modest switch to enormous chandeliers is available here